Objective & Goals

For Randstad Website :

The goal of creating this community is to have a platform for Opcos to share best practices to support their digital readiness journey.


Roadmap & data visualisation

The website has a roadmap and data visualisation to share between people. By this feature, user can plan which best practise is best for the company in specific maturity level.

Follow Randstad’s design language

We should follow Randstad’s brand design guideline & language.

Content based design

As this is a forum platform where user can share Opco, we need to deliver clear content and context based on the right hierarchy for users.



Forum style website

User can share best practise used in the company in 4 general categories including Technology, Strategy, Capabilities, and Culture.


Impact resume based on other users practice

User can also review the practise used in other company by giving impact value.


Community Chat Platform

Chat platform for best practise user community is very helpful to share & ask a question in real-time.

Design Result

Graphik Font Family


Colors Guide

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