Objective & Goals

For Fone Dynamics Website :

They want the website to be inspirational and seem like what we do is “the future”. At the same time, they want people to actually understand what it is what they do (which is complicated) at a basic level.

They want the website to convert visitors into paying customers. Goals would include: An ordinary person should understand what they do by visiting their website.

A well-informed person should feel inspired by what they do and the presentation of their website. In the future they are adding self sign-up to the website – making people sign up will be a goal – however this is not yet a current capability.


High Conversion Website Design

Not only get visitors to the website, but also convert visitors into paying customer.

Well Informed Content for Basic Level User

Clear information about the content is the key for visitors. An ordinary person should understand what they do by visiting their website.

Empowering State of the Art Product

Both great experience and great design output is the future.



Create and Build Brand Personalities

User can share best practise used in the company in 4 general categories including Technology, Strategy, Capabilities, and Culture.


Illustration to Simplify Complicated Information

Giving an illustration for complicated explanation would be easier to understand by ordinary user.


Product Identity Personalization

Fone Dynamics has 5 main product services, make things different is a cool way to get more attention.

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