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We come up with ‘how it would look attractive’ and 'how it would work effectively'.


Client Testimonials

"We worked with Sebo Studio for the past couple years, and I really enjoy worked with them. They had a great design sense and really instrumental in our massive site redesign along with other marketing design stuffs. We did tons of iterations and they are very collaborative despite the timezone differences. We are very happy with how things work out. I highly recommend them"

"Sebo Studio is not only deliver the design for our product, they also deliver their thinking process, a lot of usability and experience input. As the result, after the first release of our marketing website redesign, our conversion rate turns double! What a big impact!"

"The folks at Sebo are simply outstanding! With minimal guidance, they are able to produce some seriously amazing, high-quality work in a fraction of time it takes most others. They were the first team we reached out to when needing more design work, and they'll be the first the next time too!"

"Sebo Studio exceeded all our expectations in redesigning the CloudCannon marketing site. Ibnu and the team understood our requirements and the aesthetic we were going for. They were able to quickly iterate on the design, keeping us involved at every step, until we had something we are very proud of."

"Sebo Studio has consistently delivered above and beyond my expectations! Brilliant design work, incredible response time and a really friendly team - I strongly recommend them."

Our process

1 — 3
  • Product Observation
  • Brainstorming
  • Define a Problem
  • Competitive Analysis

To discover problem through research and learnings. Our research process always starts from the product and the man behind it.

  • Define Strategy
  • Ideate the Solution
  • Define Project Requirements
  • Wireframing

We determine what is the best way to run the project based on the research process, and how we would meet the goals and expectations.

  • Creative Process
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Development

This is where we turn out our thinking process into stand out visual output. We build design that works, from prototype to real product in the market.







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